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Become A Certified Biblical Life Coach ..

In just ten short weeks, you can become a highly trained and certified biblical life coach through our solid and affordable program. Our Christian life coach training offers practical and enjoyable lessons that are rooted in biblical principles, helping you guide individuals towards breakthroughs and transformations in their lives.

Whether you're a mentor, pastor, counselor, life coach, or simply interested in adding Christian coaching skills to your existing business or ministry, our program provides an excellent learning experience that will equip and inspire you to become a professional agent of change.

As a student, you'll gain access to a private area where you'll find reading assignments, audio homework, and coaching worksheets to support your growth. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to choose your certification as either a certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ or Biblical Life Coach™. Start your journey towards becoming a skilled and effective Christian life coach today!

10 Benefits of becoming a certified biblical life coach.

1. Assist clients in setting and achieving goals that align with their faith and values.

2. Provide guidance and support to clients as they navigate life challenges and transitions.

3. Assist clients in discovering their purpose and God-given gifts.

4. Encourage clients to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and strengthen their faith.

5. Foster a sense of community and accountability for clients through group coaching and Bible studies.

6. Utilize biblical wisdom and teachings to help clients develop healthy habits and relationships.

7. Empower clients to make meaningful changes and achieve their goals in a way that honors their faith.

8. Draw from a wealth of biblical stories and examples to inspire and motivate clients on their personal journeys.

9. Help clients gain a deeper understanding of their identity in Christ and live in alignment with it.

10. Help clients overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns using biblical principles.

What you will be receiving:

* Weekly “Live” 1-Hour Classes for ten Weeks

* Teleclass/Webinar Distance Learning Format

* One-On-One Interaction With Dr. Vince.

* Reading, Audio, & Worksheet Homework

* Highly Practical & Biblical Curriculum

* Coaching Agreements, Forms, & Worksheets

*Listing In Our Christian Coach Directories Membership In Biblical Coaching Alliance

* Access to Dr. Vince’s private Facebook coaching group

* Ten hours of live group or private training, depending on your preference.

* Worksheets and tools to use with your clients.

* Lifetime membership with the Biblical Coaching Alliance.

* Lifetime ongoing support access with Dr. Vince.

Student comments about Dr. Vince's live training:

* Engaging, fun, and informative.

* Well worth the investment.

* A great foundational program. Pastor Vince’s illustrations really hit home.

* One of the best online programs I have taken.

* Lower cost than many programs out there, but not lower in value.

* Refreshing to find an economical biblically-based program.

* Dr. Vince delivers on what he offers.

For almost two decades, Dr. Vince has been successfully generating a 6-figure income through his online programs, spanning across international borders. With his expertise and qualifications, he is not only capable of helping you achieve your dream of an independent lifestyle but can also guide you in adding value to the lives of others.

With 38 years of marriage and ministry under their belt, Dr. Vince and his wife have actively championed programs aimed at empowering the Body of Christ and advancing the Kingdom of God. By seeking God's will and purpose, you too can experience greatness and fulfillment in your life. Join Pastor Vince on your journey to unlock your true potential and positively impact those around you.

Dr. Vince Rizzo

Certified Coach Trainer

Life Breakthrough Academy

If you click on the button below you will be taken to a form where you can request more coaching information, You will be taken to the download page instantly once you submit your request. I can’t wait to train you for your exciting new coaching business or ministry that will certify you as a Life Breakthrough Coach or a Biblical Life Coach.

Become A Certified Biblical Life Coach

10 week live coach certification

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